The Ashes of Naoleth

18th day of Serith, Wealday

A change in the weather; A change in the party.

The party has just come from Bertrand Bremmer’s home. They are discussing their options as they purchase an assortment of steaming roasted meats and offal covered in various sauces from a street vendor, “forgetting” of course that the elven Wyrd Weaver has more of an appreciation of raw vegetables, roots, and tubers.

There is a change in weather as the storm god’s breath blows in down from the mountain peaks…it is markedly cooler. One’s breath hangs in the air, before being carried off by the biting wind.

The party splits as the dwarf, the bounty hunter, and rogue decide to handle their own business affairs deciding to focus their attention on the fraudulent banking situation, while also wanting to avoid aggravating the Shadow Hands.
The remaining group further reviews their situation and multitude of jobs that have been offered them. The Ornate ceremonial shield and Bertrand Bremmer’s son, and his friend Balisaar.

The goblin fights are tonight at midnight. And now the banking embezzlement appears to be attended to by the independent ex-party members.

During the discussion, a trio of quite unruly looking armed wilders are heading directly toward the assembled group. One tall, broad and heavily armed, the other wild haired, padding a stride similar to his large canine companion….The crowd parts before them, some moving quite quickly away from the motley crue.

They approach the party with foolhardy smiles, question the group regarding a massive white snow lion. It apparently is important to these uncivilized men, they continue to refer to it as a sentient being, naming it Et’bel.

The larger of the two bows and introduces himself as Uandir Taralom and has the look of a savage of the northern territories; the other uncultivate is Norwen Uthendar and his brawny woolly wolf is called Buttons.

The three have attracted the attention of the civil guard whom appear to heading their direction.

Gared intercepts and deflects the guard and explains that he has the situation under control.

The elven wizard suggests that they move to a more subtle area…off the main fairway and she starts toward the nearest alley. The bard attempts to convince the large brute to shore his weapons explaining the obvious to him. He doesn’t quite understand her attempts and finally ignores her following the elf into the alley.

A brief discussion and the two groups agree to work together.

New party splits up to complete tasks. The wildmen head off together to Aqbars’s to acquire a keg of beer and a late night breakfast Naan for the bard and fighter. Will meet near an hour before the witching hour.

The bard runs of to go shopping and brings her body guard with. Very pretty clothes.


Thanks amigo. Does anyone have the details for the end of the Sessioon?

18th day of Serith, Wealday

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