The Ashes of Naoleth

A not so noble party.

Party heads for Sergeant Titus Pullo to tell him what has been learned.

  • Pullo says Cap. Infante is kind of a dick.
  • Told Pullo everything we currently know.
  • Pullo said he and his subordinates wont take on the nobles directly.

Afterwards headed to the bank to assist Harlan Hammergilt in finding out if Steven Perthan is embezzling money.

  • Steven’s teller, a well dressed gnome, says Steven Perthan is innocent.
  • Steven Perthan himself says nobles accuse him of embezzling but the accusations are false.
    • Bad Iron and false land investments mostly
    • Steven says nobles motives for these false accusations might be to gain control of the bank.

We disguise ourselves and head to a high class party in an attempt to collect information and to get entry into the ‘goblin fights’.

  • Clara who already possessed an invitation, enters the party without incident.
  • The rest of the party cleverly talked their way into the party.
  • Heard some rumors about the possibility of becoming more secluded from other cities-states.
  • Talked and learned a little about some of the nobles on the list we found earlier.
  • Found that Lordin Stanton was invited but not at the party.
  • Several people were part of Steven’s bad investments or claim to be.
  • Harlan found out that the servants know nothing of the fights.
  • Bertrand Bermmer asked Clara for help in finding his lost as well as a lost ceremonial shield.
  • Nicolia and Clara got Umbar Rodin to tell them who to talk to about getting into the fights.
  • Went to talk to Justice of the Peace Ormald.
    • Ormald accepted the Gold Eldereach Coins as tickets into the fights.
    • Informed the party that the fights will be on Wheelday and the location of the fights.

After Leaving the party we headed to Berchom’s house to learn more about his missing son.

  • Found out that the Bremmer’s had fallen on hard times, and had lost a lot of their wealth.
  • Jerim Bremmer had gambling problems and was way in debt.
  • He had been missing for 2 days after he stormed out of the Bremmer house study.
  • Berchom is waiting to be contacted by the person who left a note.
  • Party worked out a contract for payment for the job of finding Berchom’s son or the shield.
    • 600g already paid
    • 5300g on successfully finding his son or the shield.


Thanks Cody!

A not so noble party.

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