The Ashes of Naoleth

At an old house on Bumfork Lane

It’s a very dark and cold night on the streets of Dunluth. The sound of approaching guards is heard down the street. Nicolai picks the door and everyone quickly hides the bodies of the attackers and they all enter the old house on Bumfork lane.

Kadius, Gared lock and bar the door from the inside. The party then immediately begins searching for any information on the Shadowhands, when Gared finds a small metal rod in a wooden box, as well as a trapdoor hidden under a rug. Opening the trapdoor reveals a rope ladder and a somewhat elaborate mechanical device. Nicolai and Kadius disable the unknown device and head down the ladder with Safira. Gared stays up top to keep watch.

At the bottom Kadius lights a nearby torch on the wall. A small dark room is revealed, no more than 6 feet tall and not much more in length or width. In the room there is an old painting some random items. Perhaps from some illicit payment or simply stolen, the items seemed unrelated to their current task. They continued their search.

Just when they were about to call it quits and head back up something catches Nicolai’s eye. A lose brick in the wall, seemed a bit suspicious. After messing with it a small secret door opens. Inside a small chest is found and nothing else. After some effort the chest is opened and looted. Nicolai takes an Oil cloth packet and a coin purse to divvy up later.

Seeing nothing else of interest they head back up the ladder. They are quickly shushed by Gared who is listening the the nearby guards outside. The party waits for a few minutes hoping the guards don’t notice anything. After a few tense moments the guards move far enough away, and the party makes a break for home to rest up.

The next day they head for the customary meeting place, Sharp’s.
Fried octofish, and ale are brought to the table, and the party begins examining the items looted from the small chest. 33.3 g, A parchment with a list of names, and 3 peculiar gold coins from Eldreach.

The names Lordin Stanton, Umbar Rodine, and Naoll’ Y’ansa all have check marks next to them.
All the names on the list are nobles, influential, or rich. Nicolai notices something in the margin of the parchment, some secret writing maybe. Gared takes some charcoal and made a rubbing of the parchment revealing the hidden message “toth at the docks” and a date which is the next night.

Just then a well dressed lady enters the bar, makes a terrible joke, and heads to our table. Safira recognizes her as Clara J, an aspiring bard. Clara says she can be trusted though Nicolai is rather suspicious at her sudden appearance.

We return to our discussion for about an hour. Then enters a rather polished Dwarven fellow, playing with an odd coin in his hand. He walks up to Sharp the owner of the tavern and asks if he knows anyone who can get something done for him. Sharp looks over at the only group of people currently in the tavern. He introduces himself as Harlan Hammergilt. He tells a quick tale about a stolen artifact, Tilkan the halfling who stole it, his church, and a job. However Nicolai begins grilling Harlan about his intentions. This goes on for a minute or two till Nicolai is sufficiently satisfied he can be trusted. After some more discussion they all decide to work in tandem.

Everyone heads for the Knoddy to ask around for more info. Clara goes out to distract the locals by playing a masterpiece on her banjo. A epic comedy done in musical style. A crowd quickly gathers around. Meanwhile Gared keeps his distance while keeping an eye on Kadius and Nicolai while they talk to Omar. Omar sits in an ally and greets Nicolai as he and Kadius walk up. They talk for a bit a few coins are thrown to Omar. Omar agrees to let Nicolai know where Ranz will be as well as an area Ranz is often located.

We head for Bon Augusto and wait for word from Omar. A kid hands us a note “Dockside tavern now”. A quick plan is made. Separate into 3 groups and head into the tavern. One group trick Ranz into getting us into the fights. The other two groups pretend to be unrelated and keep watch for trouble. Everyone heads for the Stumbled Inn.

Kadius and Nicolai head to the bar, order some chips and a pint of grog. Safira and Gared head to a table pretending to be a couple. Gared keeps an eye on everyone, Safira falls asleep. Kadius and Nicolai sit and eat and drink quietly. Then Harlan and Clara make a bit of a scene trying to play themselves off as a noble couple looking to get in on watching the secret fights. Ranz is annoyed but cooperative.

Everything seems to be going as planed till he asks for the gold coin.
Kadius overhearing this and realizing that this will all be for naught if they don’t get the Eldreach coins. He tries to get the coin too them. However Ranz quickly becomes suspicious and more annoyed. Before he can do anything Clara hits him with some kind of spell. He becomes somewhat cooperative again. Then Harlan goes for his dagger defensively. Ranz immediately notices this. Harlan tries to pretend he’s still not hostile to Ranz however Ranz isn’t fooled and becomes violent.

Seeing things are getting out of control Gared runs in and tackles him, Harlen joins in trying to pin him. During the commotion Safira wakes up to see fighting. A bit groggy she fires an acid orb at the three of them grappling on the floor, but misjudges the distance. It fizzles out after several feet in a poof of green sparkles.

Nicolai who has been staying out of the fight looking for any hidden adversaries makes eye contact with someone suspicious who bolts for the door. Nicolai shows Kadius someone is fleeing the scene before pursuing with Safira. After deftly navigating the crowds outside the Inn Nicolai catches and shackles Ranz’ associate.

Ranz gives up and is dragged to the back room for interrogation by the rest of the party. Randz caves in and begins giving information about the Shadowhands.
Just then the door crashes in and more shadowhand lackeys pour in. Gared knocks half of them out as Clara’s invisible servant to pushes chairs and doors in the way of the attackers. One gets run through as his spine is pierced the long way by Kadius. The remaining attackers run or are quickly subdued mostly through getting punched in the face by Gared.



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