The Ashes of Naoleth

Our story begins...

A typical early spring afternoon in Dunluth. The winds from the hills pushing back out from the river valley toward the sea. A cool breeze though much warmer than the foreday’s biting sea winds this time of year. Patches of ice-snow still cling to the ground in areas, fighting back against the Sun God and the spring thaw.

On the edge where the Knoddy interweaves the wharf, hundreds are gathered to trade and exchange goods and services. From a distance the crowd sounds as a flock of geese gaggling and honking.
There are folk shuffling to and fro through the crowd, running the last errands of the day before heading home to finish up daily chores. The day’s market is beginning to wind down as the hours slip toward evening. Laborers continue on hauling, loading and unloading from the pier oblivious to the crowds gathered as their work is ceaseless while ships roll in and out of the harbor.

In the crowd we find a small team of individuals interacting within it. They appear to be tracking down a target, and were directed to the Knoddy’s edge near the wharf by several trustworthy sources. …

While Nikolai and Kadius question a proprietor, Gared stands nearby leaning casually under the eve of a shops awning. He is enjoying a smoke-roasted wild pavo leg keeping one eye on the two agents..the other on the rich juices dribbling unto the towellette tucked into his armored chest.

Safira is walking the boardwalk along the pier searching the crowds and also keeping a sharp Elven eye upon her two friends.

The proprietor gestures toward the pier near a stack of large crates and shipping pallets. He was explaining that the young fellow was here only moments ago. As he points out their objective in a crowd gathered near the crates Steiv had his head turned toward the three men.

Staring and pointing directly at him gave away their intention instantly. An expression of surprise and fear manifested upon his face exposing him for his obvious guilt. As he turned to flee a loud crash came from his direction. A panic rose in the crowd and a stampede of dockworkers, traders, shop keepers and market goers began to surge away from the load crash. Voices and screams of panic shrilled from men and women alike.

Dashing in to apprehend Steiv, both Niki and Kadius moved into the oncoming flow of terrified people. Kadius leapt atop the crowd launching from a large wooden crate and bounded his way striding from shoulder to shoulder making quick progress averting the rushing crowd…

Safira ran toward the sound hoping to help anyway she could.

The commotion was caused by small grey-green sickly snout nosed creatures bearing wide mouthed gnashing teeth and small blades. Goblins. The goblins leaped at anyone near tearing into the defenseless stabbing with their knives and drooling like wild beasts.
One reached the mark before they could get to him. Steiv was brought down and murdered by one of the crazed creatures with a single stab strait to his heart.

The Elven spellslinger managed to stay alive after taking a serious knife wound.
After expediting the demise of the three retched imps Nikolai frisked the cadaver for information to confirm this was in fact our intended target. He also relieved the body of it’s now useless coinage.

The bodies of the goblins showed signs of shackles at both their wrists and ankles.
The commotion of course drew the attention of the guard. As they approached one of them recognized Nickolai.

Nikolai introduced Sergeanto _____________ to the group. Sgt. ________ asked for help to find the cause of this odd event. For their reward and troubles, he team was given two healing potions and promised 20gp. Sgt. ________ and the two Guardsmen with him were to stay and clean up the mess. Before they set out, they were given an address where the Sargeanto could be located.

Nikolai began by examining the crates that were smashed open, inside he found unbolted manacles, and interestingly a small five fingered handprint burned into an inside corner of the crate.

Questioning a few people that witnessed the event, had given us clues and a name. Paulo Gimble. Paulo, a young man, kid really was apparently milling about near the crates before the goblins broke free.

With a name, it wasn’t difficult for the party to locate Paulo. They tracked him down to a small cheap inn. After several failed attempts at picking the doors lock, Gared smashed it in followed by the rest. With the suggestion of pain and arrest and a long incarceration Paulo gave up information quickly. He revealed a second rendezvous time and location.

Kadius locked Paulo to the bead frame and had the maître’d rouse the Civil Guard to have him taken into custody.

The party headed to Kadius’s flat and disguised Nickolai as Paulo and proceeded to the meeting place at midnight.

The night was pitch and visibility was very low. The group had been attempting to move stealthily through the streets in the fog but were discovered by multiple scouts.
After a brief but noisy battle the party killed two and took their boss captive. and the guard were now assuredly on their way.


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Our story begins...

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Our story begins...

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