The Ashes of Naoleth

The Eve of Fights

"The pointy end goes in bitch"

A dark and cold night. The party meet back up in the alley. The market is now mostly deserted. A plan is devised to get into the fights.

Gared, Safira and Ms. InDass head to rendezvous point…the secret entrance into the fights. An icy wind picks up. bringing with it a wet sleet battering the rooftops and party members alike. The streets are completely deserted. They enter a courtyard where warm fires are blazing sheltered from wind, sleet, and rain.

Pulling in wool and fur cloaks the three boldly going forth heading forward into the courtyard.

The smell of Wet hay and smoke waft toward them. A couple of armed guards standing in courtyard call out at their approach. Gered responds with arms open and spread wide, “Gentlemen…Toff at the Docks”.

The Elf bows.

Ms. Indass begins to introduce herself but the guards are aware of exactly who she is…and know well the tale of Good Sir Chair.

The interaction with guards is quite positive. And they lead the team inside and have them follow down a stairwell.

Meanwhile the savage trio search the exterior of the building for signs of Et’bel and a way into the “arena” with no success. They expand their search to a nearby barn.
Back inside the courtyard the team is welcomed by a host and invites them in, out of the damnable weather. “Welcome to fights…is this all of you?”

It’s a trap!

The wildemen are outside and Norven overhears some of what has transgressed and makes a dash to the entrance with the Uandir and the wolf chasing after. Rounding the corner Norwen and his wolf attack the guards strait away. Uandir joins the fray. The skirmish is quick Norwen running one through and Uandir splitting one like a log.
Inside and downstairs the bard charms the guy to unlock the portcullis.
He does.

Gared questions him regarding a White Lion and is told of perhaps the lower level battle pens.

Back outside – the wild three force the last remaining guard to bring them in and free their new companions….but, they are already free.

Heading down under…

Creature dropping from above….

Monkeylike creatures with hooked tentacle arms. Horrifying and trying to strangle everyone of us.

Gripping grappling choking

Screaming in agony while Gared literally rips one apart with his hands.

“Pointy end goes in bitch.”

The painted wildman goes down. He is sputtering gasping and his face turns blue while blood leaks from the creatures crushing grip around the neck.

The fight was close but the heroes prevailed. Healing was given freely and accepted warmly.



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