The Ashes of Naoleth


We return to our party in the catacomb-like underground, beneath the city of Port Dunluth

Many locked animal cage doors, the smell of animal excrement from mammals and the sour smell of reptiles and insects. Discovered in one cage block, the ranger found a Halfling – Tillaken Deere.

He was interrogated by the Bard – Stolen balance scale? Where are they?
Tillaken explains that his wife and son were held captive; taken by a “man in black” and held them…told him to steal these notable scales or he wouldn’t ever see them again.

Norwen the Wildman swears an oath to the Great Spirit that he will find Tillaken’s family.

Gared and Safira in another room inspecting an old desk. He finds misc. papers, a water skin, a small black velvet bag with …….

Two of the adventurers analyze the cage door hinges and decide to break the rock around a weakened hinge. A hammer and wedge should do the trick. After several attempts Gared and Uandir crack open the cage and release Tillaken Deere.

He is gaunt, starving, and grateful. He was given some trail rations and water.
He tells a story of the “Beastmaster”. A rather large half-orc who wields a massive axe and wears furs and studded leather armor. He seems to be an authority figure in the underground arena and perhaps some sort of personal underground enforcer….
Roaring sounds are heard from somewhere deeper in.

Gerim…maybe taken further in.

Tillaken clearly a cleric of the Abadar, as Uandir hands him a gold piece and the Halfling says prayers over it.

Bard brings Tillaken to guards and convinces them to bring them to Pullo.
Back at the desk Gared and Safira….The bundle of papers: Projections value of merchandise lost…

The document dated two weeks ago.

10,ooo-12,ooo gold value in merchandise; Stolen items? Payment? Major shipment…
The wyrd weaver takes the bundled papers for further inspection and research.
Heading down to sub levels…Clara mentions “This must be where all the kinky shit happens.”

Water noises…dampness in the air…sputtering torch flames.

Heading further down. The entire time, Clara is telling a long drawn out joke about a badger burning its way into a bear’s hovel making itself love to the male bear thinking it was its mate…While the rest of the party think this story complete nonsense, the two wilderness men can’t help but guffaw at her tale.

Down another level…3rd level underground. Whatever is down there, is much larger…a chamber…echoing…etc.

Buttons the wolf is on edge, looking down the stairs after licking his bullocks.
Noises. Metal on metal…perhaps hammering.

While the party waits at top of stairs, Uandir creeps down silently.

What appears to be a battle gladiator arena, dug deep into the rock. Walled and almost inescapable.

Button’s hackles are up. So are Uandir’s…the smell of stale alcohol, dried blood, and mass amounts of human traffic. The arena pit is well lit, with a very high ceiling. Warm glowing light spills out from under a door on the other side of the arena.
Uandir makes for the door. The metal on metal sounds of hammering grow louder as he approaches. Unmistakably sound of smith work coming from the other side.

Gared walks in like he owns the place.

A massive fire coal pit for smithing in the center of the room. The back wall lined with more cage doors. Uandir and Norwen sense a familiar presence. Gared lays into them acting, perhaps as an inspector paid by a local lord. A huge seven foot tall half orc looks up from his work a bit confuzzled. Several grey skinned dwarf like creatures also focus their attention upon Gared. Their eyes dark, blacked like charcoal from a dead fire seem to absorb light. Duergar.
Norvwen pulls out his scimitar, shouts a battle cry and disrupts Gareds ruse. Uandir is the next to react shooting one of the sickening dwarves dead in the chest.
A Battle ensues.

The Duergar by some feat of magic both broaden and grow taller. The group slaying them with efficient …. And more enter the room. The group eliminates the incoming threats. The snow lion Et’bel is held in one of the cages.

Found a key and open the cage door to free Et’bel. He makes eye contact with the two Wildmen.

Free the goblins and convince them to run….down canal…Pug, Snosh and Larry.



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