The Ashes of Naoleth


We return to our party in the catacomb-like underground, beneath the city of Port Dunluth

Many locked animal cage doors, the smell of animal excrement from mammals and the sour smell of reptiles and insects. Discovered in one cage block, the ranger found a Halfling – Tillaken Deere.

He was interrogated by the Bard – Stolen balance scale? Where are they?
Tillaken explains that his wife and son were held captive; taken by a “man in black” and held them…told him to steal these notable scales or he wouldn’t ever see them again.

Norwen the Wildman swears an oath to the Great Spirit that he will find Tillaken’s family.

Gared and Safira in another room inspecting an old desk. He finds misc. papers, a water skin, a small black velvet bag with …….

The Eve of Fights
"The pointy end goes in bitch"

A dark and cold night. The party meet back up in the alley. The market is now mostly deserted. A plan is devised to get into the fights.

Gared, Safira and Ms. InDass head to rendezvous point…the secret entrance into the fights. An icy wind picks up. bringing with it a wet sleet battering the rooftops and party members alike. The streets are completely deserted. They enter a courtyard where warm fires are blazing sheltered from wind, sleet, and rain.

Pulling in wool and fur cloaks the three boldly going forth heading forward into the courtyard.

18th day of Serith, Wealday
A change in the weather; A change in the party.

The party has just come from Bertrand Bremmer’s home. They are discussing their options as they purchase an assortment of steaming roasted meats and offal covered in various sauces from a street vendor, “forgetting” of course that the elven Wyrd Weaver has more of an appreciation of raw vegetables, roots, and tubers.

There is a change in weather as the storm god’s breath blows in down from the mountain peaks…it is markedly cooler. One’s breath hangs in the air, before being carried off by the biting wind.

A not so noble party.

Party heads for Sergeant Titus Pullo to tell him what has been learned.

  • Pullo says Cap. Infante is kind of a dick.
  • Told Pullo everything we currently know.
  • Pullo said he and his subordinates wont take on the nobles directly.

Afterwards headed to the bank to assist Harlan Hammergilt in finding out if Steven Perthan is embezzling money.

  • Steven’s teller, a well dressed gnome, says Steven Perthan is innocent.
  • Steven Perthan himself says nobles accuse him of embezzling but the accusations are false.
    • Bad Iron and false land investments mostly
    • Steven says nobles motives for these false accusations might be to gain control of the bank.

We disguise ourselves and head to a high class party in an attempt to collect information and to get entry into the ‘goblin fights’.

  • Clara who already possessed an invitation, enters the party without incident.
  • The rest of the party cleverly talked their way into the party.
  • Heard some rumors about the possibility of becoming more secluded from other cities-states.
  • Talked and learned a little about some of the nobles on the list we found earlier.
  • Found that Lordin Stanton was invited but not at the party.
  • Several people were part of Steven’s bad investments or claim to be.
  • Harlan found out that the servants know nothing of the fights.
  • Bertrand Bermmer asked Clara for help in finding his lost as well as a lost ceremonial shield.
  • Nicolia and Clara got Umbar Rodin to tell them who to talk to about getting into the fights.
  • Went to talk to Justice of the Peace Ormald.
    • Ormald accepted the Gold Eldereach Coins as tickets into the fights.
    • Informed the party that the fights will be on Wheelday and the location of the fights.

After Leaving the party we headed to Berchom’s house to learn more about his missing son.

  • Found out that the Bremmer’s had fallen on hard times, and had lost a lot of their wealth.
  • Jerim Bremmer had gambling problems and was way in debt.
  • He had been missing for 2 days after he stormed out of the Bremmer house study.
  • Berchom is waiting to be contacted by the person who left a note.
  • Party worked out a contract for payment for the job of finding Berchom’s son or the shield.
    • 600g already paid
    • 5300g on successfully finding his son or the shield.
At an old house on Bumfork Lane

It’s a very dark and cold night on the streets of Dunluth. The sound of approaching guards is heard down the street. Nicolai picks the door and everyone quickly hides the bodies of the attackers and they all enter the old house on Bumfork lane.

Kadius, Gared lock and bar the door from the inside. The party then immediately begins searching for any information on the Shadowhands, when Gared finds a small metal rod in a wooden box, as well as a trapdoor hidden under a rug. Opening the trapdoor reveals a rope ladder and a somewhat elaborate mechanical device. Nicolai and Kadius disable the unknown device and head down the ladder with Safira. Gared stays up top to keep watch.

Our story begins...

A typical early spring afternoon in Dunluth. The winds from the hills pushing back out from the river valley toward the sea. A cool breeze though much warmer than the foreday’s biting sea winds this time of year. Patches of ice-snow still cling to the ground in areas, fighting back against the Sun God and the spring thaw.

On the edge where the Knoddy interweaves the wharf, hundreds are gathered to trade and exchange goods and services. From a distance the crowd sounds as a flock of geese gaggling and honking.
There are folk shuffling to and fro through the crowd, running the last errands of the day before heading home to finish up daily chores. The day’s market is beginning to wind down as the hours slip toward evening. Laborers continue on hauling, loading and unloading from the pier oblivious to the crowds gathered as their work is ceaseless while ships roll in and out of the harbor.

In the crowd we find a small team of individuals interacting within it. They appear to be tracking down a target, and were directed to the Knoddy’s edge near the wharf by several trustworthy sources. …

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