Port Dunluth

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General Overview

The city of Port Dunluth is built upon the ruins of an older city of the same name. It is one of the largest cities on the western coast of Naoleth. The main feature of the city is its sea port which is actually a well-guarded bay. The bay, known as the bay of Dunluth, is naturally sheltered with the only inlet bisected by an island fortress leaving only two channels on either side for ships to come and go. This make the port easy to defend by sea. The channels and the bay are dredged constantly to maintain a working depth. The dredging is horrible and dirty work, but necessary for the operation of the city.

Apart from the bay, the city itself is a bustling settlement divided into sections that were designated during the reconstruction which began about a century ago. Early leaders learned from the mistakes of the previous city and designed open trafic arteries to move shipments from the bay to markets and the rest of the city, and beyond to the trade roads. Off of the main thoroughfares, the streets and allies form a more traditional web of narrow pathways. The pitched-roofed building huddle close together and seem to squeeze the roads on all sides. There are walls around the city as well as smaller sectional walls in the city incase the outer is breached.

Port Dunluth functions as the center for stability and safety for the surrounding lands. The walls and standing guard represent the most powerful armed defense against the threats of the Wild. All nearby communities know to flee to Port Dunluth in case of attack. Port Dunluth also sends out patrols of varying range across the lands in order to maintain a watch for approaching threats. However, these patrols are military in nature and they do not project any effective law beyond the walls of the city.


The banner of Port Dunluth presents the image of a raven standing on a cliff by the sea silhouetted by the rising sun. The story goes that Lady Sparrow Indrass, the leader of a mixed-race band of survivors was lead to the ruins of old Port Duluth by a raven who perched on the cliffs overlooking the bay in the rising sun. They approached cautiously knowing the ruins were likely occupied. But, because of their fortunate timing, the dawn raid caught the various bands of orcs and other vile creatures by surprise and they were routed before they realized they were attacked by an inferior force. By the time they realized their mistake and regrouped for an attack Lady Sparrow Indrass had organized a defense and they were able to hold the town.

Places of Interest

The city is large and diverse with many interesting points of interest. Some of them are listed below.

The Sharps
The Knoddy

Economy and Industry

The main economy of Port Dunluth is as a transport and distribution site for many other settlements. It receives shipments from other cities along the coast and distributes these to local buyers. Game from the forests, fish from the sea, iron from the dwarven forges can all be found in the markets.

The one unique industry that has bloomed is shipbuilding. An area of the port has been set aside as a dry dock for the building of ocean-going vessels. Merchants and investors stand to gain great wealth or tragic losses by backing the various ships the power the economy.

Related to the shipping industry is the warehouse and distribution center. A ship’s time in port is precious and can be expensive. Cargo is loaded and unloaded quickly and usually sent to warehouses to await further distribution. Certain merchants specialize in selling warehouse services with varying levels of security and discreteness.


The city was re-founded by following the long winter by a coalition of various groups of survivors. That tradition is carried on in the form of a city council with a rotating chairmanship. Far from a democracy, membership to the committee is governed by the committee itself. The selection methods are not well known to the common citizen. But, the council has provided a safe and profitable settlement with reasonable taxes. Over the last 100 years they have presided over an orderly reconstruction with sound walls, a large market, and an enviable port.


The city maintains a professional military consisting of 800 full-time soldiers including officers. In addition, there are irregulars who can be called up to add an additional 1,500 soldiers who train regularly. Even with such a strong connection to the sea, Port Dunluth has no official navy. They hold the power to commission vessels for particular missions or purposes, with due compensation and prize money. The standing army also maintains 150 mounted soldiers which they use to patrol the area or to conduct quick raids if need be.

Law and Order

Port Dunluth has no dedicated city watch. The council does maintain a simple set of laws. These are posted in the public House of Council. The military regulars assume the role of law enforcement when necessary. By and large they keep the peace. The city council appoints judges to preside over civil disagreements. The council itself presides over criminal matters and are not known to have a nuanced approach to law. Penalties are swiftly delivered, including forced labor and death when necessary.

As with all large cities, lawfulness of the citizens depends largely on where you are. Most of the public markets run a clean business. But, where there is a demand for something, there are always those who will find a way to deliver it. A small but stable black market exists in various locations. It is run and protected by The Shadow Hands, a thieves guild operating several criminal operation in Port Dunluth.

As for weapons and magic, citizens are permitted person arms within reason. A person may carry a single weapon without challenge. However, if that single weapon is a massive warhammer, one runs the risk of being challenged by the guard. Daggers and other small implements of little concern and typically not noticed. The rule of thumb is to never carry anything heavier than the guard. The use of offensive magic is forbidden within the walls except in times of war or other emergencies. The use of other magics is permissible provided such magic is not used in a harmfull way that threatens the peace. For example, turning invisible and robbing people would carry a harsh sentence if caught.

Houses of Magic

As a major population center Port Dunluth is home to a few major colleges of magic known as Houses. The larger arcane discipline is further subdivided into schools. Port Dunluth is home to three houses specializing in a limited number of schools. To be determined with more information about Em’s character…

The major houses of magic train wizards in the safe use of spell magic. Ritual magic is forbidden, and the schools keep a close eye out for it. Students are sanctioned and permitted to practice magic upon completion of their trials. Those who practice arcane magic without the sanction or training of a school are known as sorcerers and are considered dangerous outlaws. There is commonly a bounty on their heads. However, outside of the city such people are valued for their natural skill with magic. They can find work as part of a protection service for convoys or various adventuring services.

Port Dunluth

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