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General Description

Outside the House of Council there is a public square used for various official purposes. It is a plain but pleasant are of fitted cobble stones. Off to one side stand The Signpost, which serves as a public posting board where official decrees along with calls for various types of employment. It is suspected that it is also used to pass coded messages between parties on occasion as well. The contents of This Signpost changes and is overseen by an appointed magistrate of proclamations who makes sure that all the announcements are accurate and removes anything he/she deems inappropriate or criminal.

Current Postings

Posted: Moonday 10, Sarenith 578

By decree of the Supreme Council of Port Dunluth, the 21st day of Sarenith is declared to be a day of celebration of the return of spring to realm of Naoleth. Public festivities and competitions will be held in honor of the Gods

Posted: Toilday 11, Sarenith 578

Charges of corruption and embezzlement have been brought against Steven Perth, Master of the Bank of the Golden Key. A public trial will be held on the 19th day of Sarenith in the year 578.

This Signpost

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